Decluttering The Internal And External

I’ve got lot of things whirring round my head at the moment (nothing new there!).

Why is life so complicated? Do WE overcomplicate it? If so, how can we simplify it? One way I thought I could start simplifying was to declutter my home. This inspiring post from fellow blogger Suzie Speaks got me started on my own decluttering process.

The clear out

Over the weekend, hubby and I took a load of rubbish to the local recycling centre. We got rid of about 80 DVDs, sending them to one of those sites that buys them off you. They don’t pay much, but it’s better than nothing.

Decluttering the internal and external
A decluttering discovery of unused chinese rice bowls!

I went through the kitchen cupboards last night. There were cookbooks we hadn’t used in years because if we want a recipe we look online. Hubby has a “man drawer” containing various odds and ends, so we went through that and he was really good at getting rid of stuff!

I’m now in the process of going through my clothes. I don’t have many – hubby has more than me – but there are still some that could do with disappearing!

Decluttering the internal and external

Stepping back from consumerism

Now that I’ve started this, I’ve become a bit obsessed. I want all the unnecessary stuff out! It’s got me thinking more about consumerism and how I often buy things driven by emotions. I think I need to be more intentional with what I spend my money on.

Advertisers would have us believe that we “need” their latest products/services. Fair play I guess as that’s how they make their money, but so many of us, myself included, have been buying into that all too readily.

So often we fall into the trap of buying things because we think they’ll make us feel a certain way (e.g., sexy, confident, important). I’m not saying that feeling those things is bad, but the effect is often only temporary. To address what’s missing in our lives we need look inside ourselves rather than to material things. So, I’m going to be more mindful and take a step back before rushing into buying things that may only enrich my life for a short period of time.

The delight of decluttering

The process of decluttering has started to lift a weight off my shoulders. I’m feeling less of a need to have “things” and a desire to be content with what I have.

There’s definitely been a shift in my mindset. I feel much more relaxed and at peace with not having everything I want. Decluttering is helping me become more mindful. Weird how getting rid of stuff can do that to you!

What about you? Could you do with decluttering, either literally or mentally?

34 thoughts on “Decluttering The Internal And External

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  1. Oh my–how much do I want to go through my house right now! I spent a bunch of money this weekend on important things (new vacuum because we have a dog with so much hair it could choke a rhino. And a tree trim) It felt good to knock those little things off my list of to-dos but now I’m thinking a nice go-round in my closet and getting rid of little clutter-y things would make a rainy day into a delightful one.

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    1. Funny enough it’s been raining all day here today and we’ve done more decluttering. I feel very productive! It’s so hard to find a vacuum that gets rid of pet hair, we only have carpet on our stairs but it takes ages to get Cookie’s fluff off it!

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  2. I love this so much!! I try so hard to not buy into the “I need that” just because my friends or peers have it. It’s SO hard! I had to majorly descale after moving into a small Midtown apartment. It’s been one of the best things I could have done. Having less clutter truly is freeing! Great post!

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  3. I’ve had to declutter due to an imminent house move … must admit it felt good afterwards but I was amazed at how much “rubbish” I’ve kept shoved in a cupboard or two over the years. I even had unopened boxes stored in my shed from my last move 13 years ago – obviously essential items!! All went in the skip, unopened.

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  4. Fascinating post and I do feel people are easily lead by consumerism and that is why so much money is pumped into advertising. If it didn’t work then there would be no reason for them to do it. Everywhere you look it’s buy this, buy that, life can’t be any good if you don’t. Decluttering is a kick back and possibly where we unlearn all that subliminal programming. I’m with you, it can be liberating and lifestyle changing. Very good post!

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      1. Absolutely…needs are not wants…even if advertising tries to say they are. Although often our minds blur want and need… chocolate for example lol

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