Book Review: Buddha’s Brain

I first tried to develop my spiritual practice a few years' ago. I'd bought a number of books and not finished many of them. My intentions were good but life became busy and I didn't make time for reading. One book I started but never finished was 'Buddha's Brain' by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius. When I... Continue Reading →

My First Ever Reiki Session

I was going through a bit of a stressful period and I remembered I knew a lady who'd trained as a Reiki practitioner. We'd worked as counsellors at the same service a few years ago so I thought I'd send her a message and see if she had any availability. What is Reiki? Reiki is defined as... Continue Reading →

Review Of The Wisdom Of The Oracle Cards

It's funny how a set of events can lead you to  a certain place. I believe in things happening for a reason, such as making connections with certain people, or 'chance' observations of things which draw you further towards something you've become interested in. I'd had experience of Angel Cards a few years ago when I... Continue Reading →

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