Decluttering The Internal And External

I've got lot of things whirring round my head at the moment (nothing new there!). Why is life so complicated? Do WE overcomplicate it? If so, how can we simplify it? One way I thought I could start simplifying was to declutter my home. This inspiring post from fellow blogger Suzie Speaks got me started... Continue Reading →


A Little Dose Of Gratitude: Spring Cleaning

I take part in a weekly linkup called Ten Things of Thankful which is like a gratitude journal, except that multiple people do it and you get to read about all the wonderful things that they're thankful for besides yourself! It's hosted by the wonderful Josie Two Shoes, who does a great job of ensuring the... Continue Reading →

Life’s A Beach

For me, there's nothing quite like being by the sea. Hubby and I felt the need for a short break so we headed to the coast last weekend. We put the pooch into the kennel; she gets plenty of fusses there. I wanted to take her, but hubby said that we hadn't had a break... Continue Reading →

Addicted To Anxiety?

Just because I like to make life harder for myself, I decided to see if I could write this post entirely from the WordPress app on my mobile phone. The only bits I didn't do from my phone were the images; I didn't think food and furbaby photos really fit with this post! Yes, I'm... Continue Reading →

My Goals For 2018

I'm a firm believer that, whilst we can't control everything in life, we can have an influence on how our life pans out. With this in mind, I decided to post about what I'd like from 2018 and how I intend to work towards these goals. I'm under no illusion that any of these things will... Continue Reading →

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