You Can’t Keep Pouring From An Empty Cup

I guess the title says it all. Right now, I'm running on empty. My mind is full and there's not a lot of room for anything else. My upcoming holiday has certainly come at the right time. The trick is to try and put things in place to reduce the likelihood of things building up... Continue Reading →

A Little Dose Of Gratitude: No Time Like The Present

I take part in a weekly linkup called Ten Things of Thankful which is like a gratitude journal, except that multiple people do it and you get to read about all the wonderful things that they're thankful for besides yourself! It's hosted by the wonderful Josie Two Shoes, who does a great job of ensuring... Continue Reading →

Auf Wiedersehen

I wrote a short time ago about a friend who recently┬ápassed away. It was terribly sad that his young life was cut short. We'll soon be saying our final farewells to him, and it inspired me to write this poem:   There is still an air of disbelief Expecting to see you, despite the grief.... Continue Reading →

Taking The Rough With The Smooth

It was a gloriously sun-shiny day today. We rarely get such nice bank-holiday weekends here in the UK. They're normally a total wash-out; endless rain which quickly puts a stop to any fun that people want to have! Today was an example of how we can all-too easily allow events to dictate our emotions. I've... Continue Reading →

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