Negative Self-Talk: Part 3

Welcome to the final part of this series about negative self-talk. If you missed the first two parts then don't worry! In Part 1 I talked about my own negative self-talk and how it's affected me over the years and in Part 2 I explored how we can end up with the niggling voice of... Continue Reading →

A Little Dose Of Gratitude: RNR

I take part in a weekly linkup called Ten Things of Thankful which is like a gratitude journal, except that multiple people do it and you get to read about all the wonderful things that they're thankful for besides yourself! I decided to join this linkup as a way of reminding myself how lucky I am,... Continue Reading →

Embracing All That You Are

I was thinking recently about my over-analysing mind and how I often get caught up thinking about some pretty serious stuff. We're talking death, the process of dying, the meaning of life, what this universe is all about. So, nothing too heavy or anything! But when I actually thought about it, I kind of like that... Continue Reading →

Negative Self-Talk: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series of posts, I talked briefly about my experience of negative self-talk and the "Not good enough" voice that I've battled with over the years. I think this voice is connected with my desire to be 'perfect' and it seemed that it came about at a young age. I'm not... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Toxic People

I’m sure, like me, you’ve come across people who always seem to be negative. I’m not talking about someone having the odd ‘bad day’, because we all have those. No, I’m talking about people who are consistently negative, where their energy spills over to such an extent that it affects the people around them. They’re... Continue Reading →

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