Coast To Coast

Coming back to reality from our holiday has been hard. I really enjoyed my time away; it was so renewing to be by the coast and absorb the enormity of it all. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country - all of these photos are from our trip - so I highly recommend a... Continue Reading →


You Can’t Keep Pouring From An Empty Cup

I guess the title says it all. Right now, I'm running on empty. My mind is full and there's not a lot of room for anything else. My upcoming holiday has certainly come at the right time. The trick is to try and put things in place to reduce the likelihood of things building up... Continue Reading →

Four Awesome Things About Autumn

So we're well into autumn now. I'm not quite sure when it becomes winter, but to be honest they're one and the same to me because they both represent dark mornings/nights and cold weather! I have a real aversion to being cold! As much as I struggle with the change in temperature and lack of daylight... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Self-Care

We’re good at putting the needs and wants of others first, but when it comes to giving ourselves a bit of self-care we tend to fall short. Why do we find it hard to care for ourselves? When it comes to showing ourselves a bit of love, here's a few possible reasons why we may neglect... Continue Reading →

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