Mind Over Meta Life Update

It’s been over a month since I lasted posted here on my blog. Lots of things have been happening; all of it pretty positive.

1. Private practice

The private therapy practice that hubby and I have set up is going well. We have some clients, which is apparently unusual for a business so young, but I’ve been putting a lot of work into getting ourselves out there on social media which seems to be paying off.

I’ve started writing a blog for our private practice website as well, because it’s a good way to help get our site seen by a wider audience.

2. Day job

My other job has gotten so much busier. So much so, I hardly get time to think. This is mostly a good thing as I’ve a tendency to think too much anyway, but it means that some days I come home pretty wiped out. I’ve been offered permanent hours too which is great, and new training opportunities are coming up so I’m feeling good about it all ๐Ÿ™‚

Mind over meta life update
Life feels a lot like this, lately

3. Getting published again?

I’m also in the process of editing my masters dissertation which I did way back in 2012, as I’d like to try to get it published. It was a very personal project as it involved exploring issuesย  related toย my past. It’s been a bit heavy going, but I know it’s going to be personally rewarding.

4. Tales from therapy

I’m still in therapy and wading through the ‘treacle’. I really want to write another ‘Tales from Therapy’ post, but there’s still a lot of processing going on and I’m not in the right head space at the moment.

Stepping back

Because of all this, I’ve taken a step back from the blog just to keep myself sane. I don’t really know if I’ll be coming back to it just yet, but I’m still sharing old posts (mainly on Twitter) so people know I’m still about!

Thanks for sticking around and I hope to see you all on the Twittersphere and other social media ๐Ÿ™‚



4 thoughts on “Mind Over Meta Life Update

Add yours

  1. Welcome back!
    I can relate to the treacle. I want to publish my Boob Reports, but reliving breast cancer is tough going. I just hit my five-year point and need to give it a little time. Good luck with the book!

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  2. Thank you for the heads up. I hope you’ll have more time to write new articles here soon, but I totally understand your reasons for taking a break for now.

    Good luck with your upcoming book and all of the other changes happening in your life.

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