The #PickledBlogs Tag!

Our very own, extremely lovely, blogger Em Linthorpe has recently started her own blogging Facebook Group called the Pickled Blog Project. It’s an awesome group with some great blogging members so make sure you check it out and get involved in the threads!

#pickledblogs tag post

Alongside this, Em has come up with the #PickedBlogs Tag. If you click on the link you’ll find out more, but here’s how it goes:

  1. Answer the questions.
  2. Link back to Em’s own post.
  3. Use the hashtag #PickledBlogs on any social media shares so everyone can find your post, and in the title of the blog post too if you like.
  4. Feel free to tag some of your blogging friends at the end.

So *stupendously long drumroll* here are the questions and my answers!

1. What is your favourite pickled item to eat?

This was a toughy. I like pickled gherkins, and I have been know to be partial to the odd pickled onion, but I think pickled beetroot comes first on my list 😀

2. Tell us about a time you were in a “bit of a pickle” (a tough situation)

This still sends embarrassed feelings through me when I think about it! Back when I worked in the world of finance, about a decade ago, my work colleague and I had been exchanging emails about our boss and how awful he was (very sexist and derogatory towards the female staff). Unfortunately, during one email exchange, clever clogs here sent what she thought was an email to her colleague and it turned out I sent it to my boss!! He obviously wasn’t happy, but I managed to keep my job!

3. Pickle Rick, a character from Rick and Morty, is a personal hero of mine. Who are your heroes?

My biggest hero is my Dad who I idolised when I was young. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 13 and I wish I’d been able to get to know him as a person rather than just “Dad”. He’s still very special to me 🙂

Another hero, and “girl crush” of mine is Marilyn Monroe. She was gorgeous, strong, vulnerable, and not the “dumb blonde” people took her for. She overcame a tough start in life to become one of the most famous women in the world.

4. If you had to live in a jar, what three items would you take with you?

Well, we’re talking “items” so I guess that rules my husband out! I’m going to assume that this is a mahoosive jar, given some of the things I’d take into it!

  1. I’d take my MP3 player because I cannot live without music, although does the jar have a plug socket so I can charge it?? I’m assuming so!
  2. I’d also take a lifetime supply of Reese’s peanut butter cupcakes, because #reesesislife
  3. Lastly, I’d take my laptop so I could continue surfing the internet, as I love learning new information and I’d get pretty bored without it!

So what are you waiting for? Go to the #PickledBlogs Tag page and play along 😀


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