Coast To Coast

Coming back to reality from our holiday has been hard. I really enjoyed my time away; it was so renewing to be by the coast and absorb the enormity of it all. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country – all of these photos are from our trip – so I highly recommend a trip if you can get there 🙂

During my time there I also had a very poignant experience with someone who read my Tarot!

One of the things I liked the most about our holiday was our accommodation. It was like something out of the 80s! It was cramped, it was tired-looking, but I absolutely loved it. We had everything we needed and that’s all that mattered.

coast to coast

We were literally a ten-minute walk from the coastline, and we rarely saw anyone unless we went into a shop or restaurant. Some days we were happy to only walk a short way and then sit overlooking the sea to just take it all in.

We sampled plenty of the local food (mainly cake!), so our long walks helped with that somewhat, and everyone we met was really friendly.

coast to coast

I do feel somewhat refreshed, but the time away made me realise that things need to change and I want to do more of what gives me a sense of purpose. This is a project that both my husband and I want to set up, which is exciting as we get to work on something together.

So, things are in motion and I’ll hopefully be able to give more updates in a few week’s time 🙂


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