You Can’t Keep Pouring From An Empty Cup

I guess the title says it all. Right now, I’m running on empty. My mind is full and there’s not a lot of room for anything else. My upcoming holiday has certainly come at the right time.

The trick is to try and put things in place to reduce the likelihood of things building up in the first place, but sometimes life can be so busy that it gets in the way of that happening. So, here are some tips from someone who isn’t so good at looking after herself!

Looking after yourself

  • Take regular holidays. I don’t mean you have to pay to go away to some exotic location every few months, but it’s important to take time off work on a regular basis. We spend the majority of our lives in work, so it’s important to take time out and get some “me time” back.
  • Take time out during the day. I’m guilty of not taking breaks during the day and ploughing on regardless. Try to take 30 minutes away from your desk, or from whatever your job involves. Go for a walk, pop to the local shops, get some fresh air. Take yourself away from the treadmill for a brief time.
  • Temporarily step back from projects if you need to. I’ve not been as active on my blog these past few weeks. I just don’t have the mental space to write anything at the moment and I’d rather write stuff that’s meaningful as opposed to posting for the sake of it. I’m not sure when I’ll get back into it regularly again, but my guess is I’ll know when it’s the right time.
  • Treat yourself. Whether it’s a new item of clothing, a meal out with someone special, a spa day, or an activity day, who doesn’t like a treat now and then?! It doesn’t even have to cost that much – it could be a day out in the countryside – just do something you know you’ll enjoy.
  • See a therapist. I don’t say this flippantly, but neither do I mean that you need to panic at the first sign of stress and think you automatically need therapy. But, if there are things which keep cropping up and you feel that some impartial, non-judgemental support might be useful, then perhaps it’s worth considering. Hey, I’m a therapist in therapy, so it happens to the best of us!


Do you have any other methods of self-care? Feel free to share 🙂

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Keep Pouring From An Empty Cup

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  1. We can’t take trips very often as it’s a bit too expensive with four dogs. But we really love finding local events and running away for the day. Even something as simple as listening to music in the park can do wonders.

    Since it has been nearly a few weeks since this post, I do hope that you have found time to refill your cup.

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    1. Thanks Aimie, we had a good break and it’s made me realise that certain things have to change in order that I’m happier and more fulfilled in my life. So, I’ve returned feeling more refreshed, but also determined to make changes 🙂

      Getting away for days out is good too. Escaping “normality” for even a short time can do wonders 🙂 x

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