Auf Wiedersehen

I wrote a short time ago about a friend who recently passed away. It was terribly sad that his young life was cut short. We’ll soon be saying our final farewells to him, and it inspired me to write this poem:


There is still an air of disbelief

Expecting to see you, despite the grief.


Waiting for a social media post,

Of the videos that made you laugh the most.


You were so young, it doesn’t seem fair

That we’ll never again see your wit and flare.


We’ll never again see your cheeky grin

Or your sense of humour, which drew people in.


Or your child-like nature; your sense of fun

And your wanting to care for everyone.



And though there’ll be tears, there’ll be laughter too

As we remember the privilege of having known you.


You were loved by many; more than you knew

You didn’t see what others saw in you.


But don’t be mistaken, this is not “goodbye”

This is but an interlude, between now and next time.


For I know that at some point, we’ll meet again

And so, my dear friend, I say “Auf Wiedersehen”.


Rest well, dear soul x


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