Mind Over Meta’s Top 10 Posts Of 2017

We’re now near the end of 2017 and I find this time of year brings out the reflective side of me. I think New Year often causes people to look back and see where they’ve come from.

I’ve been blogging for little over a year now and I thought it’d be interesting to reflect on my top ten posts of 2017 based on views!

1. Book Review: Buddha’s Brain

It seems that a lot of you enjoy a good book review and were interested in finding out how meditation and mindfulness can impact the brain. I keep meaning to do more book reviews so this is something for me to keep in mind for 2018 πŸ™‚


2. How To Deal With Toxic People

We’ve probably all come across someone who is consistently negative and drains our energy. This post outlined some tips on how to deal with such people.

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3. Making Sense Of It All With The Help Of Alan Watts

I’m so pleased that this one made it into the top ten. Alan Watts continues to provide me with no end of inspiration and his thought-provoking talks keep me questioning this thing called “life”. It seems that this post resonated with a lot of you too!


4. Simplify Your Life: Do What Makes You Happy

Us human beings can over-complicate things. I was inspired to write this post by two friends who I saw immersing themselves in things they loved doing. Isn’t that what life’s about?


5. Negative Self-Talk: Part 3

This was a three-part series about negative self-talk, where it can come from and how we can challenge it. It’s something I experience frequently and it seemed that a lot of you could relate πŸ™‚

Embracing all that you are

6. Embracing All That You Are

I’m a person with contradictions in my personality, which I’m sure we all are. It was an interesting exercise to list my contradictions in this post, and turned into a way of me accepting them rather than beating myself up over them.


7. My First Ever Reiki Session

I talk about what you can expect from your first Reiki session. It’s an amazing experience!


8. Mental Health: Lets Keep Talking

Unfortunately, the stigma of mental health issues can keep people silent. Let’s keep talking so that people can share their stories and get the right support.

Living In The Here And Now Lessons From My Dog
Did someone say ‘play’??

9. Four Alternative Uses For Dogs

I’m a huge advocate for getting your money’s worth out of man’s best friend, so this post came up with some (humorous) tips on how to do this!


10. The Importance Of Self-Care

I’m all-too guilty of not looking after myself as much as I should, and I think this post resonated with a lot of you too. Let’s make 2018 the year of self-care πŸ™‚


So there you have my top ten posts of 2017! Thank you to all my readers and subscribers, and here’s to a productive 2018. Cheers everyone!


17 thoughts on “Mind Over Meta’s Top 10 Posts Of 2017

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  1. I loved all of these posts. I think my favorites from this list are Alan Watts and the series on Negative Self Talk. (But your post on your dad is REALLY my favorite.) I’m looking forward to reading what 2018 will bring for you.


  2. I could relate to a few of these posts, especially the contradictions in personality, toxic people, and mental health ones!
    I wish you a very happy and healthy 2018 and look forward to seeing what you get up to! πŸ₯‚


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