You Snooze You Lose!

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I always thought the snooze button on an alarm was for, you know, allowing someone to snooze before the inevitable getting-out-of-a-warm-bed thing happened.

You know the feeling. You’re all snuggled down enjoying a nice dream about [insert name of your favourite celebrity crush here] or chocolate brownie ice cream – it’s between those two options  – the alarm goes off and for a second you’re filled with despair at the thought of having to leave your cocoon.

Then you remember the snooze function, hastily press the button and bury yourself under the covers.

You snooze you lose

I only tend to press the snooze button once. I find having that 10-minute snooze time allows me to wake up gradually for when the next alarm goes off and I get out of bed.

Snoozing gone wrong

So, what’s my beef with this whole snooze business? Well, I’m rather perturbed that on the odd occasion my snoozing has taken a bruising. Some mornings, the whole alarm/snooze thing has  been thrown totally out of whack and gone as follows:

Alarm sounds. I lean over and press snooze.

A few seconds silence.

Husband: “Ugh, I’ve been awake for the past hour”.

ME: “Uh huh” (I really don’t appreciate him telling me he’s been awake for the last hour. I’m nice and snuggly and would like another 10 minutes of that, thank you very much).

A few seconds silence.

Husband: “So, I had this really random dream”.

ME: “Hmm”. (If I sound disinterested he’ll just stop talking and let me go back to sleep).

Husband: [Goes onto describe the dream in agonisingly minute detail].

ME: [Thinking]. I’m trying to snooze here, I distinctly remember pressing snooze. He knowsalways press snooze. Maybe he’ll stop talking in a minute.

Husband continues talking for way over one minute.

Snooze aborted. I get out of bed in a right grump!

Great expectations

You know those times in life when your expectations are high, you have a huge sense of anticipation only for it to be snatched from you at the last moment?

Like, opening what appears to be a bag filled to the brim with kettle chips, only to find that most of the bag actually contains air. I don’t know about you but I’m not keen on air; it has no bite.

Or, how about tucking into a jam donut and realising there’s little more than a teaspoon of jam inside. The crushing disappointment will never leave me 😦

However, nothing comes close to having my snooze time interrupted by someone recollecting their brain’s night-time shenanigans. Tell me all about it while I’m eating my morning porridge, tell me about it while I’m feeding the fur-babies or while I’m brushing my teeth, but not during snooze time!

By the way, if you want to read more husband-wife exchanges then get yourself over to the blog Actual Conversations With My Husband, which is absolutely hilarious!

Right, I’m off for a nap!

What things are sacred to you that you’d hate to have interrupted?!


9 thoughts on “You Snooze You Lose!

Add yours

  1. I love my bloke so much it hurts, but if we ever sleep apart (usually because of his work schedule or because the toddler is being a mighty night pain) then I have to admit – I sleep sooo much better 😉😂


  2. Unfortunately I’m not very good at snoozing – I can’t snuggle down for 10 minutes without going back to sleep so often sleep for another 30 – 60 minutes and then feel really rubbish and late!!!


  3. I am a serial snooze button pusher!! I have to set my alarm at least an hour before I actually have to be up because I press the snooze button at least 5 or more times! The only thing that sucks is if you accidentally hit “off” instead of “snooze” and then end up oversleeping… yeah. That actually happened to me yesterday. lol.

    BTW, I’ve nominated you for the Brotherhood of the World Award! ♥


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